About [DPRS] :

Department of Perception and Representation of Space [DPRS] is a collaborative art project initiated by Gaston Bertin and myself. The project emerged from a common interest in art that investigates notions of space and time and from the desire to create a platform for conducting an experimental practice that addresses these issues.

Link to the blog: http://dprsblog.tumblr.com/DPRS

About my work :

My work addresses the issue of perception and its connection to belief systems, I am curious about the processes by which we construct what is understood  as ”reality”. In practice in  this takes form in conceptual, perceptual and thought experiments that are translated into artworks. Although my work is deeply rooted in photography, I consider all mediums to be equally adequate for the purpose of making art and therefore, experimenting with different mediums has become an essential part of my practice.