Everybody wants to be somewhere else, 2016

Tape, cameras, wifi network, projection - variable sizes

This piece has been very successful in engaging visitors of all ages, people begin to play together, children and adults likewise. The drawings on the floor can be made to fit any format and will fit the portrait format perfectly. In Sweden they were made with tape. Technically the piece was easy to realise by sending the signal from an hd camera directly to the projector. I have included images and videos in the proposal that show the piece and the visitors engaging with it.

A camera placed above the floor films the public in realtime from above. 

The camera films a drawing in perspective made on the floor with  the viewers on top of it as they face the projection and sends it to the projector.

The drawings depict a group of  approx. 25 plinths (viewed through the camera create the illusion of 3 dimensions.) 

The viewer can see herself on the wall and jump from plinth to plinth as they appear to be at different heights. 

The viewers become the work, the sculpture which stands on the plinth as represented in classical sculpture.