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This page is an archive of “Found Assemblages” 

Here the objects are archived chronologically and with a map showing their location.

For some time now, I have been photographing in the public space. The subject might have been  anything, something that meets the eye in an unusual way or a the way that light bounces off a particular material or surface at a particular time of the day. Simple spontaneous  everyday observations that in some way or another and for no particular reason seemed to pierce through the fog of everyday experience. These captured observations lead to collections of images in which I could begin to see patterns. Here I would like to present one of these collections, to which I have already given a name, the “found assemblage”.

The term “found assemblage”, refers to the surrealist's terms, on one hand, Andre Breton´s "found object”. These objects were said to have the power of disrupting our everyday perception. On the other hand, the “assemblage”, also a surrealist term which pointed to an alternative to more traditional methods of sculpture where everyday objects would be incorporated in the vocabulary of sculpture. In this case, the assemblage is simply referring to the combination of objects in the public space. The meaning acquired is unintentional nevertheless it is there for those who see it. 

These objects being in the public space and engaging in people’s everyday lives, carrying their own layers of meanings create narratives that move beyond the objects themselves and could arguably turn them into a form of public artwork or at least in an unrecognised/unofficial form. The act of photographing them gives them this recognition and also a meaning beyond their own seemingly arbitrary existence, suddenly it becomes apparent to us that they speak for themselves and live a life of their own in the public sphere. 

The public sphere is a highly regulated environment defined by laws and policies that are implemented by national and local institutions and authorities. Nevertheless in some cases these objects have become more or less permanent fixtures of this environment, in this way escaping regulations and finding themselves existing in a sort of legal grey zone invisible to the scrutiny of legal authorities and yet piercing through the everyday mechanisms of common perception with their undeniable poetic qualities. 

Each Object is dated and placed on a map with its coordinates,  inviting you to visit the site, in some cases the objects are more temporary than others and so depending on when the post reaches you, the object might have already moved on to another form.


Found Assemblage # 9


Found Assemblage # 9


Found Assemblage # 7


Found Assemblage # 5


(Found on a previous date  16/02/2019  at Etnografiska Museet, Stockholm)

Found Assemblage # 4


Found Assemblage # 3


Found Assemblage # 2


Found Assemblage # 1


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